Andraste Spell

Andraste Spell

Andraste Spell  is the prophet whose teachings later served as the foundation of the Chantry. Andrastianism has since

become the dominant religion in Thedas. The Andrastian Chantry believes her to be the spiritual wife of the Maker.

According to Chantry scholars, Andraste was born into a prosperous Alamarri tribe in -203 Ancient (992 TE) in Denerim,

though both the date and place of her birth are hotly contested.Her mother was a Ciriane[5] woman

named Brona and her father, Elderath, was the chieftain of one of the largest Alamarri tribes in what is now

northern Ferelden.[6] She had a half-sister, Halliserre, born of Elderath and his advisor on matters of alchemy. Halliserre

died in a violent incident under mysterious circumstances with Andraste present. This incident scarred Andraste in

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In -187 Ancient,[8] Andraste was married to Maferath to create a unified Alamarri border that stretched from the

Planasene through the Fertile Crescent to the Bannorn. It was at the time the largest alliance the barbarians of the

South had ever attempted. Due to an incident in her youth[9], Andraste was too weak to bear children[10] when she

married Maferath, so he sired three sons with the concubine Gilivhan: IsorathEvrion and Verald. Andraste adopted

them as her own following Gilivhan’s death. She did manage to eventually give Maferath two children: daughters

named Ebris and Vivial.[11] The daughters were never counted as heirs and were not permitted to marry though

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