Body Transformation

Body Transformation

Body Transformation.First, you need to be alone and night time, and then you need to put 3 white candles in front of

you.Second, you need to draw yourself and divide its part (legs, hands, head, tails, ears, eyes, etc). Draw again what do

you want to be and divide its part. Don’t forget to write length, color (same as fruit), etc to explain the parts!

Third, you need to sit down relax and meditate.Fourth, say this : “God of Transformation, I call thee! This is my old

body, I want my new body Transformation as drawn on this book! Let me change, let me transform, let me be

different like I like! Change (description) to (description)! Let the drink and lotion as a thing that change me! Thanks to

you if you change me! So mote it be!”

How long does a body transformation take?Can u transform your body in 3 months?Can I transform my body in 30 days?How do I start to transform my body?

 Sixth, pour water to a bowl, and then mix it with the fruit (as many as different as color of parts), and leaves!  

Seventh, drink the mixture, and feel it!

Eighth, sleep well with the picture below you, and every 1 day, chant again! After 3 days until 1 week, you will feel the

change, it’s extremely painful but after it, you will feel better with your new body!

Side Effects

Headache, back pain, body pain, and any pain. Feel strange at almost every parts of your body.  A dream of you as your new body


There is no Reverse Spell, so be beware and aware! I don’t want any rude mails! Think before doing this! Because if you have chanted once, you’ve sealed the deal and can’t be stopped! 

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