Calling the Light

Calling the Light

Calling the Light.Cast a circle. Draw with the white chalk a large circle with a pentagram large enough to stand in. Place the five white candles at each point of the pentagram. Light each candle invoking the god and goddess and your ancestors

Burn the herbs in the center of the circle then add the salt to the water and anoint yourself. Ring the bell three times welcoming the spirits and chant the following:

“In the darkness where evil is at
I invoke the light into my heart
Divine light from the heaven’s above
Fill my soul with courage and love
Pulsing power mighty and strong
Cleanse my soul and remove all wrong
Burning flame of goddess might
Cleanse this heart and cleanse my sight
I cast this circle strong and round
I cast all darkness bellow the ground
White light entrance me fill my life
Protect me from darkness protect from strife
By the power of sun moon land and sea
As I will it so mote it be”

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