Celestial spirit world Worldwide

Celestial spirit world Worldwide

Celestial spirit world Worldwide .The Celestial Spirit World is the place where all Celestial Spirits spend their time when.

they are not being called up by their summoners. It is presumably ruled by the Celestial Spirit King. Being in the world.

seems to have some sort of rejuvenating effect on the spirits, restoring their health after being in the human world

which, over long periods of time, can potentially kill the spirit. The reverse is also possible.

breathe in their world, so after a period of time, albeit a much shorter one, they would die. Such an occurrence (a

human entering the Celestial Spirit World) is a serious breach of contract. This rule however, is not absolute,

since Natsu survived an extremely brief period in the Celestial Spirit World when he caught hold of Virgo just as she, Celestial spirit world Worldwide.

passed through the spirit world to reappear elsewhere in the human world at Eberle’s command. This rule was even

lifted once when the Celestial Spirit King invited Team Natsu into the Celestial Spirit World for a celebration. 

the places in the Celestial Spirit World is a restaurant where patrons can see auroras, which was mentioned by Scorpio

 A human can stay in the Celestial Spirit World for a short time if he or she wears Celestial Spirit clothes.

The time in the Celestial Spirit World is different with respect to the human world: a day in the celestial spirit world is approximately three months in the human world.

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Celestial Spirit Queen) is also known as the Phoenix Suzaku , Devil God, and Spirit Queen of Fire. She if the wife

of the Celestial Spirit King and the of the Four Divine Spirits. It is a unique

magic directly correlated with the stars and the cosmos, allowing her to infuse the power of heavenly bodies into her magic.

The Mesopotamians not only invented astrology but also astronomy when they began studying the cosmos

and recording the stars and planets. Scientific findings and observations came from the study of omens and


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