find love and commitment

Find love and commitment

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How do you find commitment in a relationship?!What does commitment look like in a relationship?!What is commitment in love?!How do I find a life partner?!

elationships are fulfilling, but they can also be hard. Everyone looks for something different in a significant other, and finding the right match requires work on both sides. The bubble of the first few weeks of dating someone new can be exciting, but it may lead to bigger questions about whether or not you’re in a committed relationship.

A committed relationship occurs when a couple agrees upon a certain level of commitment to one another. The level may vary from couple to couple; for example, some may enter into a monogamous relationship while others may prefer to commit to an open relationship.

Before you can determine the seriousness of your relationship, Kelly Campbell spoke with Brides about identifying the signs of real commitment in a relationship. 

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