How To Get Information In A Dream Spell

How To Get Information In A Dream Spell

A Practice—and a Spell—to Find Meaningin Your Dreams

How To Get Information In A Dream Spell Whether dreams are just random electric signals in the brain or Carl Jung

might have been right about this one thing, we still end up wondering: What do our dreams mean?

Mimi Young, a healer and spirit communicator, helps people connect to their dreams in order to access their inner

wisdom. For one goop editor, a dreamwork session with Young revealed how specific recurring elements in her dreams

—like flying in long leaps, public bathrooms with no doors, and characters she knew to be one person but appeared as

another—represented recurring themes in her waking life.How To Get Information In A Dream Spell Once Young identified the meanings of each of these

elements out loud, they made a lot of sense. Some represented obstacles in relationships and work. Others, personal gifts and talents.

While guidance from a professional can be helpful, the core practice of dreamwork is building a personal dialogue with

your dreams, which you can do yourself at home. Young distilled her own interpretation process into four steps, which she describes for us here—along with her bedtime ritual to inspire meaningful dreams.

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