list of spells-magic spells

list of spells-magic spells

list of spells-magic spells . Bodily defense Fills the body with magic energy devoted to blocking out external

influences: sorcery, conjuration, logrus, pattern. (you can only defend against things you have some

experience with.) Lasts up to an hour or until dispelle.

{These require overcoming the victim’s psyche}Mind Touch: Opens mind to mind contact with the target, must

know the exact location of the subject to succeed. Lasts as long as the psyche contact persists. This contact is

sutiable for mind reaming and other psyche fights.

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Opens a channel to some highly charged place, the conductive channel must be defined, lest the caster be the

first target, there’s enough lag time for those with psychic sensitivity to dodge it.

Inside the Harry Potter universe, spells are broken down into seven categories charm, curse, transfiguration,

healing spells, jinx, hex and counter-spells.

If there is a spell to encapsulate the asset Hermione is to everyone’s favorite magical trio, it has to

be Alohomora.

Protection from evil was an abjuration spell that created an aura around the target that shielded against

mental and physical attacks by evil creatures. The reverse of this spell, protection from good, had identical effects on good creatures.

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