looking for love

Looking For Love

Looking for Love.There’s no need to rush love – Cupid will shoot you with his little arrow when you’re

ready. Well, that’s the theory. But it’s a whole different story for 30-something Buyi (Celeste Ntuli). Her

parents want her married and her friends think that she needs a nice guy. Are they right? Maybe.

Looking For Love in usa, like so many romcoms, is predictable. But – and this is a big one – the journey to

that destination is amazing. Celeste is raw and open and honest and vulnerable in her role. You can see

deep into Buyi’s heart that she is jealous of her baby sister getting married before her and you’re cheering her on.

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She [Buyi] breaks so many boundaries of what is considered ‘acceptable ladylike behaviour’,” writes The

Sowetan film reviewer Emmanuel Tjiya. “It’s not pretentious. It’s relevant and reflective of socio-economic

issues facing South Africans. As lewd as it gets at times, it’s never tone-deaf. After it is done making you

cry out of laughter, it will make you think about real issues. That engagement is significant.”

That nail-on-the-head screenplay is complemented by the cast that includes acting heavyweights like

Lillian Dube, Trevor Gumbi and Craig Urbani.

If you’re looking for something to looking for love in johannesburg on the small screen, put aside 90

minutes for a fling with this romcom.

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