Reason Men Dump Woman

Reason Men Dump Woman

Reason Men Dump Woman.Emasculation: A man likes to feel in control. … The woman does not end up being what the

man thought she was, does not correspond to the ideal he had unrealistically seen in her. Sometimes he will try to

change her but more often he will dump and continue his impossible quest for the perfect woman.

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Reasons why a woman dump man|why do guys break up with good girlfriends| why guys break up suddenl|

Breakups are heartbreaking for both men and women; still men and women dump partners at times. There can be

reasons or no reasons at all. Whatever it is, very fewer relationships are found to be ever sustaining and ever

progressing. Women, many times, drop the relationships with obvious reasons. They are sensitive to the

maximum and at the same time bold to the extreme.Reason Men Dump Woman

Trust related reasons|when a guy cuts you off suddenly |why do guys break up with someone they love|

  • Secondary affairs or multiple affairs of men constitute a reasonable cause for many women dumping their men.
  • Cheating or breaking trust is unforgivable for many of them and when found that the man is dating with someone else too, they may avoid the man.
  • Another trust related reason is telling lies to them or pretending to be good. Many men try to continue I relationship
  • by telling lies one after another to maintain trust between the two and also to cover up his relationships with other people or mistakes.
  • When men do not adhere to the promises or commitments, it is also considered as an act of distrust. Women do not generally tolerate a person who cannot be trusted.

Too much controlling

  • When woman feels that the man is too much controlling or a control freak, they may possibly get away from the
  • relationship. Some men are very much authoritarian and demand submissiveness from women. Such character is
  • always hated as today; even women prefer self dignity and self sufficiency.
  • Certain people do not let the woman to keep control of the money she earned. Financial understanding and sharing is
  • good, but if the man asks her to hand over the earnings to him and get from him as and when needed, is a possible
  • reason for women dumping men.
  • Dominating over her personal life and sexuality is another reason for avoiding men by many women. Relationship for
  • women is not slavery or being conquered by men by all means. When she feels that she is being used by the man for self satisfaction, she may dump him off.


  • Irresponsible men are more likely to be dumped by women. Many men in relationships just leave all the responsibilities to the woman and roam around without caring of the household responsibilities or financial requirements. Such men are always dumped of by women.
  • Responsibility just doesn’t mean providing all the material supplies to home and supporting the partner financially. Being responsible on the health, emotions etc… are essential. When women feel they are not concerned or taken care of properly, they may get away from the relationship seeking a better partner.

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