Reversal For Stop Someone From Crushing On You

Reversal For Stop Someone From Crushing On You

Reversal For Stop Someone From Crushing On You.So is love. It’s hard to be friends with someone who turned a cheek.To your kiss, or cut your heart strings. And yet, getting over rejection is basic adulting.

You crush on someone, and they let you down gently. Someone asks you over a drink, “So are you still friends.

There’s not a great word in English for the kind of relationships we have with the ones we love or loved, who

don’t love us back. We use “friend,” a catch-all that ignores those infrared emotions.

Think about the different types of friends we have. This is why we always stick anterior shifters onto the f-

word. We have work friends, college friends, high school friends, friends we have sex with.

We use the word “friend” too much| Friendship is a stretchy word Reversal For Stop Someone From Crushing On You

A lot of us define this as being friends with someone we used to have feelings for, like an ex:

All of this makes you a mature, healthy person. But it doesn’t really make you friends, just acquaintances.

That’s such a thick, soupy word to drop into a conversation though. So we stick with the shorter one— a very loose definition of friendship. It’s easy to say, and hopelessly vague.

In college I fell hard for a guy who wasn’t into me. He had a thing for a girl who looked just like me, and she

even had the same name. Of course, the other Jessica wasn’t into him.

It confused everyone.

It kinda hurt, being the surrogate girlfriend he called up when he was lonely. We did everything a couple

would, except touch. 

asked me if I thought friendship could turn into romance. He mused about how his mom couldn’t stand his

dad before they started dating. A day later he un-invited me to a party. (The other Jessica was going to be

there.) Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stopped returning his calls.

True friendship can happen, but it’s rare

If we’re honest, we usually don’t want to be “just friends” with someone we have a crush on. It’s hard. You can

easily wind up hiding from your real emotions, and make yourself unavailable to someone who might actually

reciprocate your feelings.

Being someone’s friend doesn’t mean you keep spending time with them, secretly hoping they change their mind. This isn’t Beauty and the Beast.

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