ST. CYPRIAN PRAYER - For love, money, protection


St cyprian prayer for love money protection/saint cyprian prayer for money/prayer to saint cyprian/ exorcism prayer/

Among the rituals pointed out in his famous book, the call for financial prosperity has always been among the most

sought after. This famous prayer of St. Cyprian favors the energy of the arrival of money when done with great faith, see below:

“Save St. Cyprian, make much money, wealth and fortune forever with me. Saint Cyprian bring me a lot of money, wealth and fortune.

Just as the rooster crows, the donkey rumbles, the bell rings, the goat screams, so you Saint Cyprian will bring me much money, wealth, and fortune.

May money, wealth, and fortune not be far from me, that their values ​​are always high, very high, turned to me alone,

that St. Cyprian money, wealth, and fortune be very valuable to me. So be it. By the power of St. Cyprian, so be it. May

a great deal of money, wealth, and fortune come after me, so that we may have comfort, fame, power, health, help the

needy, have a good life and be happy.


This prayer of St. Cyprian is performed by those who wish to close their bodies against all the evils that affect our

spiritual body. Envy, evil eyes, spells, binding works and all sorts of negative magic are far removed from those who say

this prayer with great faith. People who pray say that they have become more protected and stronger after prayer. See the words below:

In your name, prince of the apostles, blessed St. Peter, the body of (now say the name of the person itself). St. Peter

closes the door of this soul so that the spirits of darkness do not enter, ever!

The infernal powers will not prevail over God’s law, for St. Peter is closing that door. From now on, the devil can no


Who never suffered for love. If you are heartbroken for your lack of love and need to have it by your side anyway, ask

the wizard and sorcerer’s intercession and pray this powerful prayer with great faith. He will listen to your request:

, make sure that [name of person] cannot live without me, cannot settle or rest, nowhere can he be, without always

having my image in his mind, and in his heart, at all times. That when I lie down I have to dream, that when I wake up I

immediately have to think, only I can wish, and only I want to be.

Saint Cyprian, who (name of person) thinks of me at all times of his life. That (name of person) wants to hug me, kiss

me, take care of me, protect me, love me every minute, every second, every day of your life. To love me more each day

and to feel pleasure only with me.


“By the unfailing power of St. Cyprian, (name of the beloved) will come after me. You will desire me with all your heart, with all your love.

Saint Cyprian, turn away (name of the beloved) from anyone who can love and desire him, make him seek me, desire me, love me with all his might.

May (name of beloved) wake up wishing to be with me, may he always be convinced that I am the right person to keep

him company. May you always have my image in your mind, that when you sleep you dream of me, that you wake up with your thought focused on me.


When we are victims of brokenness and evil eye, we feel the weight of this negative energy on our shoulders. To get rid

of all this burden, pray with faith this prayer that St. Cyprian indicated to all. It is a prayer to the Holy Trinity that will create a protective and liberating barrier in your body:

“God, heed my request, come to my rescue. Come help me. Confused, let those who seek my soul be ashamed (make the sign of the Cross).

Go back and let those who wish me evil be ashamed. They soon return full of confusion who say to me: Well, well (make the sign of the Cross).

Rejoice and rejoice in you who seek you, and those who love your salvation, say, May the Lord be great (make the sign of the cross).


This may be St. Cyprian’s most sought-after prayer ever. This prayer has great power when prayed with faith and persistently. These words can undo the most powerful spells, jobs, and moorings. Ask for the intercession of St. Cipriano saying:

“I, Cyprian, servant of God, whom I love with all my heart, body, and soul, has burdened me for loving you from the day you gave it to me.

But you, my God and my Lord, have always remembered this day of your Cyprian servant.

I thank you, my God and my Lord, with all my heart, for the benefits that I am receiving from you, for now, O God of

creatures, give me strength and faith that I may disconnect, all that I have connected, to which I will invoke, always

your most holy name. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Ye that live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Let all these things be undone and cut off from this servant (so-and-so) of the Lord, both that I, Cipriano, have done,


The prayer of the miraculous black goat is respected and feared by many for its undisputed power. This version below

is used to bring your love back. But beware, only say this prayer if you are very sure that you want this person for you, as they are irreversible.

To accomplish this, you must:

1. Light a candle and hold a knife in your right hand before the flame

2. Pray on a midnight Friday for best effectiveness.

3- Say the prayer for 7 days straight and then stay another 7 days without saying any prayer.

4 – Wait for the result.

“Miracle Black Goat, who climbed up the hill, bring me (desired name), which from my hand disappeared. (Name

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