The Historic Traditions of Ancient London spells

The Historic Traditions of Ancient London spells London is a city which dates back two millennia, and since the Roman’s

founding, has contributed to the world stage to an almost unimaginable degree. With London’s influence reaching to

over 50 Commonwealth countries and its landmarks recognisable to almost everyone on the globe, London is a truly historic city.

If you’re staying at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate with the aim of exploring London’s longstanding culture and history,

The Ceremony of the Keys/british traditions and their origins/british culture examples?/british life and culture

Based in the Tower of London, the Ceremony of the Keys is a daily ritual which dates to the 14th century and is one of

the earliest military rituals and traditions still undertaken in the modern world. With the already colourful history of the

Tower of London, this unique ritual is one of the most curious, and although happens after hours at the Tower, still

attracts interest from across the world.

How does it work?/What are some of London’s tradition?,What are some cultural traditions in the UK?,What is the main culture in London?

Every night at the closing of the Tower of London, the Chief Yeoman Warder, one of the main guards at the Tower of

London arrives with a military escort of Tower of London Guards. At the archway to one of the towers, a sentry

approaches the group and asks, “who comes there” The guards and Warder reply that they are Queen Elizabeth’s – or

whomever the ruling monarch is – keys and are subsequently allowed to pass by the Sentry. This ceremony begins at

9.53pm, and is designed to finish at exactly 10pm, when the Last Post is performed on a trumpet, marking the end of

the ceremony.

Trooping of the Colour/london traditional food/understanding british culture

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