The Power of White Magic

The Power of White Magic

The Power of White Magic Although white magic has been the foundation of human societies for hundreds of years,

it’s somewhat out of fashion today, and most people don’t know very much about what white magic is. Looking at

what it is and what it isn’t helps to clearly define how these types of traditions are viewed in modern communities.

One of the easiest ways to explain usa white magic is to contrast it with black magic. Where black magic represents a

struggle for personal power in achieving magical outcomes, white magic is, by contrast, more benign, more positively

centered and less of a power grab.

White Magic is only Positive/ White Magic and Black Magic / white magic only heals and builds up /

It’s worth emphasizing that part of the difference between white and black magic is that white light magic is

completely safe (unlike black magic) and it cannot harm anyone!

While black magic can be an exercise in trying to control power for one’s own interests against others, white light

magic only empowers and improves our own personal outcomes.

One of the better analogies is to think about today’s IT community. We have what we call “white hat hackers” and

“black hat hackers.” The difference, again, is in intent. White hat and black hat hackers both do some of the same

things – but where black hat hackers are bent on wreaking havoc, destroying data or holding assets for ransom, white

hat hackers are doing the same things in order to learn how to protect systems and are often employed by the

White hat hackers perform what’s called a “penetration test” to see how they can “break into” a system – so that then the system administrators can go in and build protections against any black hat hackers who may try to gain entrance.

White magic is similar to white hat hacking in the sense that it’s built on positive intent. In fact, white magic was very

much in vogue in some parts of the country about 100 years ago where people were used to consulting white magic

practitioners or using herbalism instead of just relying on science to solve all of their problems. There was an interest

in the spiritual world, and humankind’s place in it, as well as the magical power of natural items like plants, animals,

and the human will. Over centuries of human progress and experience, white magic was always with us, and although it

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