The Santerian Spell

The Santerian Spell

The Santerian Spell,When African slaves were brought to Cuba, they turned to a distant cousin of Voodoo to help them

through the agony. Known as Santeria, this powerful form of White Magic has millions of devotees across the United

States, the Caribbean, and South America. Today, people call upon Santeria to bring them love, wealth, protection — even revenge.

Performing secret rituals, Santerian priests call upon the messengers of the Gods to do their bidding. Each ritual is

unique and created for a specific wish, a specific request. It cannot be duplicated. The secrets of casting Santeria spells

have been passed down through oral tradition for centuries.

Originating in the Yoriba region of Africa, Santerian spells are revered and held in awe by those who have witnessed its

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