Ukhuthwasa Sangoma.Due to the lack of knowledge and information available, many continue to search

outside of their culture.

for answers, only to find that they are temporarily satisfied and ultimately left with a feeling of voidness. Some

go on to.

have spiritual experiences that they keep to themselves for fear of being mocked by family members and friends who

view them as being strange and having some sort of evil and distorted spiritual experience. Whatever the reason your

experience may be we are here to help you walk through it and into your destiny. It is important, particularly to those

born in the diaspora to be able to heal their immediate ancestral lineage on the soil they are born on and to heal the

ancestral lineage of their dna & genetic make up which may lead to discovery of ancestors that lived in



As we have established, to become an Ukhuthwasa African Traditional Healer (ATR) is a calling. When you connect with

us, because you who feel you have a calling, you are taken through a process to determine if this path is for you or if

there is other work that must be done. There are specific signs and symbols that are revealed to the person being

called. These signs and symbols are consistent as when initiating in Africa. These signs and symbols may also reveal

themselves through divination or directly through your dreaming state or in daily life activities.

Whatever the case, sometimes it may take several sessions and spiritual cleansing to bring you to a point where you

are able to open up so that things can be revealed with accuracy and clarity. Since we have three traditions in which

people can initiate, we will make certain which path you are being called for before initiation takes place. Sometimes,Ukhuthwasa Sangoma

one path is utilized as a stepping stone to help you to heal and move forward into your true or primary calling.


Most people want to know how soon can they can graduate and start their practice as soon as they are

initiated. In all of the traditions, the training takes as long as you and your spirits decide it will take. There are

many levels of cleansing, letting go of ego, humbling yourself and learning becoming an infant all over again so

that you can be reborn. In the Sangoma tradition training, the time is unknown and is determined by your

ancestors. It is our goal and responsibility follow the protocols of the process so that you are in alignment with

the process. During your initiation and as graduation approaches, and where possible, initiates are taken to

South Africa for graduation. When you return you will have a home going ceremony at your home where your

family and loved ones can witness and celebrate with you.

You are called to ukuthwasa because you have someone in your ancestral lineage that was a

Sangoma/Inyanga when they were alive. They have chosen you to carry on/ pick up the bones so to speak and

keep the culture alive for the benefit of your life, the life of our traditional culture and healing of our



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