Ulwaluko, Every single initiation season the media writes about complications accompanying the ritual of Traditional

Circumcision and Initiation into Manhood. The magnitude of these complications is horrific, from 1995 till

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The incompetence and indifference of the traditional leaders is astounding. These self-proclaimed custodians of the

ritual pinpoint minor problems seemingly outside their sphere of influence: such as illegal initiation schools, bogus

traditional practitioners, and initiates with pre-existing medical conditions. They are quick to play the blame game and fail to address real issues or come up with substantial solutions.

Their vigorous opposition to ‘modern methods’ is incomprehensible seeing the catastrophic consequences of the

crude traditional methods. More especially because traditional methods that were effective in safeguarding the health

of initiates have been abandoned without evoking any resistance: such as frequent washing of instruments and hands,

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