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What is an example of voodoo?

What is an example of voodoo?Voodoo has been a powerful force in the lives of innumerable people of African

descent,both positively and negatively.One of its largest groups of adherents resides in Haiti, where Voodoo is

practiced by close to 5million people, which accounts for nearly half of the population. Voodoo is a true syncretism; a

mix of the worship of the gods their West African ancestors observed from ancient times and the worship of the

Catholic saints that the slaves were taught in the New World. Its strongest influence came from the West African

kingdom of Dahomey, and the word “voodoo” itself means a “god, spirit, or sacred object” in the Dahomean language

(Wilmeth, 28).Voodoo brings a community together, remembering and honoring those that came before, but it also

tends to create fear in outsiders who don’t understand it. Its demise has been predicted many times due to the “anti-

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The positive effects of Voodoo on the diaspora are more obvious than the negative.When the anthropologist Katherine

Dunham visited Haiti to observe the Haitian peoples’ lives and practices, Voodoo provided her with “a sense of ethnic

‘belonging’ that she never possessed before (Gelder, 92).” Levi-Strauss thinks of Voodoo as a social force, and believes

it has the ability to hold a society together. It is such a cohesive force, in fact, that it unified the slave population in

Saint-Domingue and helped give them the courage and strength in numbers to begin the Haitian Revolution.

After the revolution, though, the newly freed Haitians had to live on an island that was desolate due to the destruction

caused by the war. Because of this, the now all-black

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